Our Story


Quoted from Matthew 5:13 about the salt of the earth, FIVE13 THE LABEL would want every woman to dress up in their own way to shine their inner beauty aside from the outer, while wishing they will feel comfortable in their own skin and be confident regardless. FIVE13 THE LABEL emphasizes “dress your inner beauty” as our motto, so that every clothing that you buy will wrap you up gracefully to shine your beauty from all aspects for showing the true you, “the salt of the earth” you.


Founded in April 2012 by 2 girl with big passion in fashion and entrepreneurship, FIVE13 THE LABEL is a small brand with huge dream. Millia & Gladys went to a same Junior High School and become bestfriend since. Millia, went to Tarumanagara Univesity to study Visual Communication Design. While Gladys, went to study business at GS Fame University. We both realized that our love in fashion is bigger than our major fields, so one day in April 2012 we decided to starts our webstore. We hand picked every single piece of clothes we sell, travel across the country to get the latest trend, and now we’re settling for our own manufactured product. We believe that if you’re doing something, do it with passion or do nothing at all. We share the same dreams and passion, and now, we’re on our way to make FIVE13 THE LABEL as one of the leading online fashion destination.