Wanderlust: Thailand - The land of smiles

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Thailand is a country that is really easy to travel. The locals are very friendly, helpful and polite. For many people, Bangkok is the gateway to the Southeast Asian world and is often scheduled as a stopover for a few days. To get to know Bangkok, however, these 2 or 3 days aren’t long enough.


Our recent trip to Bangkok took 6 days and 5 nights and we easily spent without looking at the same thing twice.

Thailand has thousands of Buddhist temples spread all over the country. You don’t have to be religious to visit those. Furthermore, you will find lots of impressive Buddha statues and with gold leaf decorated Chedis. Sometimes they are just some ruins reminding you of a bygone era. They will capture your imagination. Many of the temples do have something really special.


The Thais are basically very welcoming and helpful. They always have a smile on their face and know how to behave, since they are taught this from childhood. There is no screaming in public and they do have a lot of respect for the elder. Well, only the language barrier could be sometimes a problem.

The Chatuchak weekend market is one of the largest markets in the world and you can find a bargain or two – or even buy your complete equipment here. There are over 10,000 stalls from clothes to souvenirs to delicious Thai cuisine; the market offers everything. Since it is so huge, it usually takes almost a whole day for the visit.

Very popular for Thais are also the many shopping malls in Bangkok. It is best to take the BTS Skytrain to Siam and walk from there. Close to the high-priced Siam Paragon and Siam Center is the MBK Center located, which has many favorable products such as clothing, shoes, souvenirs, movies (original and copied) and more to offer.

You can still get things a little cheaper, if you’ll walk along the Ratchadamri Road and past the Central World Plaza. After crossing the Saen Saep river, you find the Platinum Fashion Mall, where almost only Thais go shopping. Everything here is much more cheaper and – how could it be otherwise – you can find hundreds of stalls in front of it, of course. This area is a shopping paradise!


The Thai cuisine is known across the world and we also have lots of Thai restaurants in the western part of the world. But it’s mostly not so spicy as it is in Thailand and for many foreigners the food won’t be too spicy.

Meanwhile, I’m used to the spiciness and eat the food like the Thais do, which comes as a surprise and excitement for the chefs at the same time. I like to order “pet pet” (really spicy). Or you can eat together with some Thais, then you will get your dish originally Thai style. Most importantly for me, this is a MUST in Bangkok and Thailand in general. Try the delicious food of the Thai people!! In addition to all the restaurants there are tons of food stalls and small food stands where you can buy little things everywhere.

There is so much to try that you could eat all day, so consume everywhere only a small amount.





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The runways were so delightful and the beauty was varied at NYFW F/W 15. It’s the perfect time to experiment with a new lip color – the changing seasons means you can take a break from candy-colored pinks and corals, and try on a bold, dark shade. Berry lips are versatile and classic, plus this shade is flattering on every skin tone!


Below, we’ll tell you two ways to rock this vampy yet trendy hue this semester and tell you which budget-conscious berry-colored lipsticks you should keep an eye out for during your back-to-school shopping excursions.

1. Give Sheer a Go

If you’re new to berry (or feel it’s too dark for daytime), wearing it sheer is the perfect way to test out the color. It’s also a much less tricky way to apply lipstick, so if you’ve ever had trouble with application (we all have!), this is a foolproof method.

How to wear it:

                  Apply your favorite lip balm or clear gloss to gently buffed lips.

                  Using a finger, gently pat the lipstick against your lips until you reach your desired intensity.

                  The result? A perfectly sheer, berry-kissed pout!


2. Go Bold

If you’re looking to really rock a trend this fall, deep, dark berry lips are sure to make a statement. Dare to wear during the day, or play up your berry pout for a great night-out look. Whichever you choose, this look takes a little more time (and maybe practice!) to apply than the sheer look, but the payoff is worth the effort!

How to wear it:

                  Buff your lips first. Making sure they’re flake-free will make the application process a lot smoother. You can also rub in some clear lip balm – but not too much. And steer clear of gloss at this stage!

                  Now, you have a couple of options: some girls like to apply a sheer coat of foundation or concealer to their lips to make the pigment more intense, and some like to fill in lips with a similarly-colored lip liner. Or, you could leave your lips bare and simply apply the color. It’s really up to you and your personal preferences. The foundation method helps the color to appear true-to-shade, while the lip liner method ensures your pout will stay perfect even if the lipstick smudges off.

                  Application can be tricky, but here are a few tips: if you’re new to lipstick (or find it a bit difficult), a lip brush might be your new best friend. It’s much easier to control, and allows you to apply the color very precisely. You could also use the finger method again (but it will take longer to get the dark shade you’re looking for) or you could apply the lipstick directly. The lip brush, however, is definitely the easiest way!

                  Finish off your look with gloss (clear or matching!) or keep it matte for a super wearable look.


What to Buy

Now that you know how to wear it, check out these affordable and on-trend berry-hued drugstore buys to perfect that pout:

1. Revlon Super Lustrous in Black Cherry, 2. Maybelline ColorSensational in Deepest Cherry, 3. L’Oreal Colour Riche in Plum Explosion

So be sure to buy lip liner that matches your chosen shade, and line your outermost lip line with concealer for a more defined pout. Try  also Nars Audacious Lipstick in shade Fanny.